In the last week of October 2021 the Erasmus+ National Offices (NEO) with the support of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) organise a Virtual Fair to showcase best results and inspiring practices emerging from Capacity Building projects in Higher Education (CBHE).

The Virtual Fair is an online event lasting two days (26 and 27 Oct) and offering the opportunity to about 100 CBHE projects, representing all regions, to showcase their most relevant results in front of an international and varied audience composed by academics from Programme and Partner countries, university managers and students, national policy makers, EU staff and other stakeholders.

The Virtual Fair includes plenary sessions, parallel workshops and a limited number of interactive training sessions targeting small groups and carried out by project partners. Using the Airmeet IT platform, the Virtual Fair also allows for efficient networking opportunities such as sharing project ideas and partner-finding in view of the upcoming CHBE calls under the new E+ Programme.

The different sessions of the Virtual Fair will address topics such as:

The main language of the event will be English; a limited number of workshops and training sessions are possible also in Spanish or French.

In September 2021, the final agenda of the Virtual Fair will be circulated among all potential participants and registrations will be open for a global audience of about 600 participants.