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From university to employment: Higher education provision and labour market needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This country report analyses higher education (HE) provision and labour market opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina by looking into four inter-related issues: the provision of HE, current labour market conditions for graduates, the challenges graduates face during the transition from HE to employment, and the type of skill gaps and skill mismatches that employers face when recruiting young graduates. The report concludes with recommendations on measures needed to ensure the right mix of skilled graduates to support robust economic growth in the future, support graduate job search, and encourage employers to create more graduate jobs and take on more skilled graduates. The data used in the study was collected from March to August 2015. It includes two large-scale surveys: one among recent HE graduates (graduate survey - 774 respondents) and one among organisations that employ HE graduates (employer survey - 153 respondents). Interviews were carried out with management staff of higher education institutions (HEIs), ministries, employers’ associations, and trade unions. A focus group was also carried with Erasmus Mundus alumni. The project has also assembled a unique database that includes details of most study programmes offered by HEIs in recent years.


In addition, please find below the synthesis report analyses higher education (HE) provision and labour market opportunities in the Western Balkans.  

From University to Employment: Higher Education Provision and Labour Market Needs In the Western Balkans

This document has been produced by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in cooperation with the National Erasmus+ Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NEO) and Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) from BiH.
It describes existing legal frameworks, policies in place as well as legislative developments and provide main statistical data.
The approach and data collection have been implemented in close cooperation with Eurydice, the Network Education Systems and Policies in Europe.
This document reflects the views of the Erasmus+ Office, HEREs and relevant national Authorities.

National Erasmus+ Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NEO), in cooperation with the higher education reform experts (HERE) and the University of East Sarajevo (UIS) organized the annual HERE conference '’implementation of the Bologna process in BiH - Trends and Practices in Higher Education'' on Wednesday, 07th December 2016, in the premises of the University of East Sarajevo. The event was opened by Prof. Dr. Radoslav Grujic, Rector of the University of East Sarajevo and Mr. Suad Muhibic, director of the National Erasmus + Office in BiH.

The conference aimed to transfer HEREs knowledge, skills and experiences acquired at the international HERE training seminars and study visits held in 2016, as well as the promotion of cooperation between the HERE experts and relevant institutions in the field of higher education.